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10145 Natural Vivid Yellow Citrine Fancy Oval shape Srilankan gemstone

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Natural Vivid Yellow Citrine Fancy Oval shape

Description: Faceted Stone
Weight: 141g(Approx)
Weight : 705 carat
Colour: Vivid Yellow
Cut & Shape: Fancy Oval
Measurements: 62.05 x 50.12 x 37.04mm
Refractive Index: 1.540-1.545
Pleochroism: -
Absorption Spectrum: -
Inclusions: Feathers
Comments: None
Hardness: 7(Ref Data)
Optic Character: Anisotropic

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Those photos were taken in natural sun light

These Gemstone are coming from straight our own Gem mines, They are all natural and pure Unheated SriLanka Gemstone

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